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from Stephen Huszar

Milton’s Secret eBook

Based on the film, Milton’s Secret, this novelized version of the film explores Milton’s life, relationships and experiences living on Planet Fear. Written by Tinker Lindsay and based on the script by Barnet Bain, Donald Martin and Sara B. Cooper.

from Stacy Thomas, PhD, C Psych

The Growing Forward eJournal

Daily exercises to help you mindfully build resilience and grow through anything. Inside, you’ll find space to express your feelings authentically, as well as questions and suggested practices to support and increase your awareness, growth and healing.

from Sarah Rosensweet

Stop Sibling Fights eBook

Kids can be best friends or enemies for life. How we handle their conflict and respond to their feelings plays a large role in the outcome. Learn why intervention and teaching conflict negotiation skills will help reach peaceful resolutions.

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Step 3 - Meet Your Hosts

Your Host,

Stephen Huszar

Stephen is a film actor, producer and entrepreneur. His passion for story, combined with his pursuits in mindfulness lead him to recently produce Milton’s Secret – the first-ever feature film based on the teachings of Eckhart Tolle (Author of The Power of Now). Collaborating with a star cast including: Donald Sutherland (Hunger Games) Michelle Rodriguez (The Fast & The Furious), Mia Kirshner (The L Word) and David Sutcliffe (Gilmore Girls) and directed by Barnet Bain (What Dreams May Come), the critically acclaimed film suggests a mindful approach to tackle major issues in society such as bullying, violence and stress.

Stephen has dedicated much of his life’s work to producing conscious media for mainstream audiences. He’s inspired by transformation and is committed to empowering adults and youths with practical tools to overcome the “bully” in our schools, homes and in our own minds. He co-founded Mindful World to produce edutainment properties such as Milton’s Secret along with Mindfulness Education and Social Emotional Curriculum for schools.

Your Host,

Dr. Stacy Thomas

Dr. Stacy Thomas is a Clinical Health Psychologist working in private practice in Toronto. With close to 20 years of experience, she has helped people navigate significant life challenges and guided those looking to maximize their potential and design their lives. Dr. Thomas integrates mind, body and spirit approaches into her practice and she attributes her ability as a facilitator of rapid change to her own practice of mindfulness, which has allowed her to connect more deeply and authentically with the clients she serves. She feels incredibly blessed to have the privilege to parent two wonderful children who have been her best mindfulness teachers to date.

Your Host,

Mike Olaski

Mike Olaski is an Integrated Media Producer working with brands and businesses to develop and produce multiple forms of media, technology and content while managing the strategy and integration of each form and format. Such was his role in Mindful World premier production, Milton’s Secret; The Movie, Web Content, Courses, Software Applications, as well as The Mindful World Parenting Summit.

Mike has dedicated much of his life’s work to producing progressive and integrative health and wellness related content. He’s inspired by holistic systems and is committed to sharing the profoundly universal message of mindfulness. His passion for inclusive, transparent and holistic systems translates into the technical and strategic opportunities to put forward powerful, positive messages in movies, shows, and other content knowing the transformative impact potential they have on how we see ourselves, each other, our experience in this world and our daily lives.

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