Enjoy The Talks with Our Parenting Experts

  • Shefali Tsabary, PhD

    Essence of Conscious Parenting

What You’ll Learn
  • Focus on raising yourself AND your child
  • Challenges are an opportunity to heal past legacies
  • Mindfulness and becoming a conscious parent
  • Sayer Ji

    Informed Consent and Using Food as Medicine

What You’ll Learn
  • Vital information about vaccines and food selection
  • How food, not genes, determines your child’s health destiny
  • Basic principles for using food as medicine

  • Laura Markham, PhD

    Peaceful Parenting: What It Is and How to Do It

What You’ll Learn
  • 3 steps to heal your suffering
  • How connection influences and nurtures intrinsic motivation
  • Challenges of screen-time and social media

  • Eckhart Tolle

    Presence in Your Family

What You’ll Learn
  • Benefits of being present
  • Becoming aware and including loved ones
  • Taking one conscious breath at a time

  • Rick Hanson, PhD

    The Neuroscience of Wellbeing

What You’ll Learn
  • Understanding neuroplasticity
  • Processing positive experiences to rewire your brain
  • Why mindfulness is not enough!
  • Partha Nandi, MD, FACP

    Mindfulness and the Addiction Crisis

What You’ll Learn
  • Why the current treatment model isn’t working
  • New treatment paradigm for long-term success
  • Specific nutrition, mindfulness and community strategies

  • Sonia Ricotti

    How to Bounce Back Quickly from Life’s Challenges

What You’ll Learn
  • Why thoughts, not circumstances, cause suffering
  • How to shift from a place of resistance
  • Challenge self-limiting beliefs to create the life you want
  • Les Brown

    Be Resilient, Realize Your Purpose and Live Without Limits

What You’ll Learn
  • Awaken into action and commit to realizing your purpose
  • Rewrite your story to becoming limitless
  • Key steps needed to realize your purpose in this life
  • John Assaraf

    Mind/Body Connection for Success

What You’ll Learn
  • Mindset shifts John made to cure ulcerative colitis
  • Fundamental elements of the S.E.M.P. model
  • Mindfulness as a skill for maximizing potential

  • Don Miguel Ruiz Sr.

    Power of Truth, Forgiveness and Self Love

What You’ll Learn
  • How domestication influences how we trust
  • Practicing self-love to heal emotional wounds
  • Leveraging forgiveness to speed up your healing journey
  • Arielle-Ford

    Turn Your Mate into Your Soul Mate

What You’ll Learn
  • Biggest myths about “soul mates”
  • Can the person you’re with be your life partner?
  • How to turn your mate into a soul mate
  • Mallika Chopra

    Meditation, Self-Reflection and Living with Intent

What You’ll Learn
  • Mallika Chopra shares her journey with meditation
  • Using the I.N.T.E.N.T. process and staying grounded
  • Introducing mindfulness to kids
  • Ariel Garten

    How Neurofeedback Optimizes Meditation

What You’ll Learn
  • Positives of meditation on brain structure
  • Benefits of neurofeedback
  • How mindfulness and meditation impact parents
  • Rhea Lalla

    Eliminate Power Struggles with Your Kids

What You’ll Learn
  • Practical strategies in the parent/child dynamic
  • Turn power struggles around instantly
  • Making loving connection the primary focus
  • Ryan Wohlfert, DC, CCSP

    Struggling Moms: Plan to Regain Balance

What You’ll Learn
  • Common problems of Struggling to Survive (S2S) Moms
  • The “Family 6-pack” and how it can help S2S moms
  • How the Family 6-pack applies to parenting

  • Natalie Ledwell

    Personal Growth Studies for Kids

What You’ll Learn
  • Positive impact of mindfulness on children
  • Strategies to address bullying
  • Accepting consequences and developing intrinsic motivation

  • Lisa Broderick

    The Meditation Effect

What You’ll Learn
  • How meditation creates real change
  • Practical effects on youth and beyond
  • Integrating meditation into schools

  • Barbara Koffske Reid, PhD, MA, MEd, LMFT

    Mindfulness Relevance, Research and Reach

What You’ll Learn
  • Why does mindfulness matter?
  • Evidence of the benefits of mindfulness
  • Education and mindful entertainment
  • Jeff Warren

    Simple Ways to Make Mindfulness a Habit

What You’ll Learn
  • Hacks to get around the common challenges
  • Learn to feel “chill” wherever you are
  • Importance of crafting meditation practices for kids

  • Annie Lalla & Eben Pagan

    Consciously Parenting Future World Leaders

What You’ll Learn
  • How parents “cross train” each other
  • Raise an adult rather than a child
  • Modeling conflict resolution to help your child
  • Jennifer McLean

    The Light of Conscious Awakened Awareness

What You’ll Learn
  • Understanding the source of your reactivity
  • Demonstrating the Spontaneous Transformation Technique
  • Power of prayer for facilitating change
  • Steve Ozanich

    The Healing Power of Presence

What You’ll Learn
  • Identifying the true source of suffering to facilitate healing
  • Acceptance and surrender to move through pain
  • How practicing presence allows you to focus on living now!

  • Dorcy Pruter, CCPI

    How to Have a Child-Centered Divorce

What You’ll Learn
  • Breaking the pattern in every high-conflict divorce
  • Mindset and skills to reduce trauma
  • Having positive relationships with both parents

  • Kate Muker

    Self-Compassion and Self-Care for Conscious Parenting

What You’ll Learn
  • Going within is worth the discomfort of personal growth
  • New challenges reawaken to need to get back on the path
  • Showing up fully and consciously for your kids
  • Christy Whitman

    All Relationships Begin with You!

What You’ll Learn
  • Create better relationships from the inside-out
  • 3 steps to shift your energy
  • Questions to ask yourself about conflict

  • Nicole Beurkens, PhD

    Nutrition Strategies for Mindfulness and Anxiety Reduction

What You’ll Learn
  • What you eat is connected to brain function
  • Nutrients that impact stress and mental health
  • Nutrition-focused strategies to improve symptoms

  • Sukhi Muker, DC

    Intelligence of the Human Nervous System

What You’ll Learn
  • Integrating new experiences to create new possibilities
  • Expanding awareness to increase resilience
  • 5 steps to tap into your highest self

  • Lauren Hazzouri

    Raising Resilient Females in the Modern World

What You’ll Learn
  • Negative influence of social norms
  • Challenging the “inner critic” (and replacing it with truth!)
  • Empowering women to be conscious of their choices

  • KJ Dell’Antonia

    Be a Happier Parent with Happier Kids

What You’ll Learn
  • Sense of identity separate from “parent”
  • Prioritize self care
  • Practice awareness and appreciation

  • Don Jose Ruiz

    Your Authentic Self in Relationships

What You’ll Learn
  • Self-kindness to connect with your authenticity
  • Understanding negative behavior as a cry for help
  • Choosing words to increase resiliency

  • Jolette Jai

    Mastering a Parenting Breakthrough

What You’ll Learn
  • Importance of parenting breakthroughs
  • Why punishment does fail?
  • Empowering effects of parent coaching

  • Mary Shores

    Consciously Creating an Empowered Life

What You’ll Learn
  • How Mary’s emotional journey transformed her life
  • A successful life based on purpose (rather than fear!)
  • Using the “cleanse or clog” concept to nourish your body

  • Karen Day, MSW, RSW

    Break the Worry Trance and Develop Clarity Consciousness

What You’ll Learn
  • Forces that influence a chronic state of stress
  • Parts of the brain involved in worry
  • Help your children break the “worry trance”

  • Udo Erasmus

    Achieve Total Super-Sexy Health

What You’ll Learn
  • Thriving instead of running from disease
  • Brain health from an energetic perspective
  • Being “selfish” in self-care is key to your health

  • Lynne Newman, OT

    Mindful Living Through Life’s Big Challenges”

What You’ll Learn
  • Let go of judgment and adopt acceptance
  • Learning how to find clarity in the chaos
  • Importance of getting quiet and simplifying your life

  • Tanya Cotler, PhD, CPsych

    Consciously Parenting Newborns and Young Children

What You’ll Learn
  • Role of “presence” between parents and newborns
  • Learning how to follow your baby’s lead
  • Recognizing emotional blocks and helping to heal

  • Illanith Benjamin

    Connection Between Moms and Adolescent Daughters

What You’ll Learn
  • Patterns between mothers and their teenage daughters
  • Discover who you are and build resilience
  • Slow down, remember your past, then reconnect

  • Sarah Rosensweet

    Mindset Strategies to Be a Peaceful Parent

What You’ll Learn
  • From frustration and anger to compassion and patience
  • Importance of parental self-regulation (and how to do it!)
  • Strategies to foster cooperation without punishment

  • Nima Rahmany, DC

    Mindful Approach to Understanding and Healing “Manxiety”

What You’ll Learn
  • How men can reach the source of their anxiety
  • Cleansing emotional toxicity for healthier relationships
  • Connecting with vulnerability to improve intimacy

  • Jay Kumar, PhD, MA

    Achieving Balance, Longevity and Resilience

What You’ll Learn
  • Despair: the most dangerous health crisis of our generation
  • How addiction to social media leaves our brains malnourished
  • 4 elements of happiness (and a happy brain strategy!)
  • Lidija Wigram

    Reflections on Conscious Parenting

What You’ll Learn
  • Parenting is an opportunity to re-raise yourself
  • Discover what it means to “be present”
  • Letting go of control and embracing trust
  • Barnet Bain

    Embracing Your Innate Creativity to Live Your Best Life

What You’ll Learn
  • Recognizing the creativity in everything you do
  • Expanding your imagination to free yourself
  • Why creativity is essential for your ability to adapt

  • Farzana Jaffer Jeraj

    Meditation for Developing a Deep Connection with Yourself

What You’ll Learn
  • Foundation of mindfulness to maintain a connection
  • Importance of allowing children to feel their emotions
  • When to shift to a child’s empowered choices

  • Jason Tafler

    Using “Good Tech” to Mindfully Navigate the Digital World

What You’ll Learn
  • Why Jason started a company teaching self-regulation
  • Double-edged sword of today’s digital technologies
  • Using technology to implement mindfulness
  • Shane Jeremy James

    Making Consciousness and Compassion Cool for Kids

What You’ll Learn
  • Moving mindfulness into the mainstream
  • Understanding social media to relate to your child
  • Actions of Compassion Movement (social media for good!)
  • Gabriella Van Rij

    Understanding Bullying through a Lens of Kindness

What You’ll Learn
  • Tap into the power of kindness
  • Changing your response to bullying
  • How to respond to a child on either side

  • Andrea Loewen Nair, MA, CCC

    Process-Focused Learning

What You’ll Learn
  • Empowering children to make good decisions
  • Ideas to help parents and teachers address bullying
  • Creating strong, impactful connections with children

  • Afshan Tafler

    Consciously Parenting the Autistic Child

What You’ll Learn
  • Using behavior to gauge presence
  • Practicing acceptance to help children self-regulate
  • Practical tools to help children work through emotions

  • Alejandra Costello

    3 Keys to Conscious Organizing

What You’ll Learn
  • Let go of things that no longer serve you
  • Easily put things in their rightful place
  • Your best self helps you make wiser decisions
  • Ashleigh Frankel

    A “Highly Sensitive” Mom’s Mindfulness Journey

What You’ll Learn
  • How Ashleigh found mindfulness as a child (and uses it today!)
  • Fostering presence to help respond to children’s needs
  • Tools to integrate mindfulness into your family’s life

  • Don Miguel Ruiz Jr

    Authenticity: Key to Raising Resilient, Confident Kids

What You’ll Learn
  • Empowering children to make decisions
  • Connecting with your personal truth
  • How Don changed expectations to meet his son’s needs

  • Nishta Saxena, MSc, RD

    Conscious Family Nutrition

What You’ll Learn
  • How YOUR relationship with food transfers to your kids
  • Why preparing food at home is essential
  • Importance of food prep skills, behaviours and relationships

  • Ryan Leier

    Yoga Off the Mat

What You’ll Learn
  • Understanding yoga as “mind medicine”
  • How Ryan coped with the loss of his newborn daughter
  • Applying the central teachings everyday
  • Sangeet Sood

    Modeling Mindfulness

What You’ll Learn
  • How motherhood elevated Sangeet’s consciousness
  • Integrating meditation and a daily “intentional pause”
  • Teaching kids to center and manage their feelings
  • Lara Kozan

    Listen to the Whispers of Intuition

What You’ll Learn
  • Follow your intuition to build a beautiful, conscious life
  • How to incorporate mindful practices in everyday life
  • Mindfulness strategies your family can practice together

  • Hina Khan

    Investing in Your Partner to Benefit the Whole Family

What You’ll Learn
  • Nurturing your relationship to fortify your family
  • Break old relationship habits and commit to common goals
  • Take responsibility for the relationship you want